Dark Hogwarts (RPG - English)

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Dark Hogwarts (RPG - English)

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Dark Hogwarts
A completely English forum

Some Facts

Our forum was founded on Thursday, May 29.
We have got no members, so we are searching for some.
If you want to join us, you should be 13 years old or older.
We are a Roleplay Forum about Hogwarts and Harry Potter.
Our Roleplay isn't opened yet.


First Administrator: Maya Black
Co-Administrator: None
Mods: None

Our Storyline

There are bad, dark times at Hogwarts. Voldemort is dead, but Scorpius Malfoy, Draco's son is the new leader of the Deatheaters. He wants Hogwarts as a school for Deatheaters and dark witches and wizards.  The world lives in fear, everybody who knew Voldemort is scared: Will all those terrible things happen again? Will there be a war again? Will people have to die? Scorpius controlls the houses Slytherin and Ravenclaw already completely, only Gryffindor and Hufflepuff are strong enough. But how long will they have the power to stand against him?

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© by Maya Black||Dark Hogwarts RPG

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